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Relaxation, Balance, and Confidence

I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of different pilots over the years. Of these people I’ve seen many different styles and personalities. Fighter pilot wannabes, cranky pilots, ladder climbing politicians, and those just happy to be flying.

It takes all types to keep the aviation industry running, however, there seems to be a common thread among the strongest pilots. From the best student pilots to the highest paid captains, a certain mindset seems to be shared. An overwhelming sense of balanced and relaxed confidence.
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The Best Free Resources

If your wanting to learn more about aviation and becoming a pilot it can be overwhelming sifting through the mass amounts of books, videos, computerized training programs, and other services for sale. Each usually claiming to be better than the rest, and to be the most effective way of learning. Some of these products are worth the money, but why not start with the free ones.
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Visualization for Pilots


If you want one thing that will significantly improve your flying ability, help you spend considerably less time and money on training, increase your confidence in the sky, and make your life as a pilot all around easier…  VISUALIZATION!!
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